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Cool Draft Portable Misting Fans

When you want to keep yourself and others cool, comfortable, and healthy, there's no easier way than with the highly effective cooling systems available from Mist'n Go. Our wide array of products are mobile and offer a unique method of misting that reduces the ambient temperature in an area without getting you or anyone else wet.

Mist Cooling

Fireground Rehab... Sports... EMS... & much more!

"Cooling our personnel on scene, immediately following exposure keeps our firefighters where they belong - on the fireground - Not in the ER! If you need a reason to buy this misting fan, Cool Draft system reduces injuries!"

Bryce Melton, Deputy Fire Chief

We're Serious About Heat Stress Management!
Portable misting fans and cooling systems. 

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About Us

Since 1998 Mist'Go has helped research and develop the Cool Draft product line. Great customer support and high quality componenets has made Mist'nGo a great source for the Cool Draft line of misting fans. Helping our customers choose the right fan for the right application is what Mist'nGo does best, as well as, offering great pricing.

The inspiration for our modular vest cooling system came from our desire to help troops and firefighters avoid heat stress while wearing their gear. Years later, the response from our service women and men has been overwhelmingly positive, and we currently have thousands of units in use. We even helped the family of fallen solder Trevor Win'E send hundreds of cooling vests to the troops in Iraq through his memorial fund. Donate today and know every dollar is going to help our military personnel feel comfortable and avoid heat stress as they fight for our freedom.


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